1. Activation amount is 300 + GST (18%) = INR 360.
  2. You can activate your ID through our application.
  3. You assume the responsibility for your activation, and no returns will be issued.
  4. Active users must have Bank A/C.
  5. Eligible Amount transfer only to users Bank A/C.
  6. Weekly payment
  7. Payment will transfer on all Fridays. It will take 3-4 workings to credit to your Bank A/C.
  8. Users can take Multiple IDs.
  9. 10% Admin charge will be deducted on all 1000 above payments
  10. The minimum transfer amount is 30.
  11. Users can earn up to lacks.
  12. You can pay the activation amount directly to our bank account and send the transaction ID to our WhatsApp number to activate your ID.

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